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The Plug-In Profit Site is a 100% free service so no money is collected from our visitors, subscribers or members. Therefore, the Plug-In Profit Site does not offer a refund or return on any service offered. Of course, you are also free to cancel your membership with Plug-In Profit Site at any time with no obligation simply by clicking a link inside the "Remove" section of the Plug-In Profit Site member's area.

Some of the affiliate programs and complimentary services which are part of the Plug-in Profit Site do require a financial investment to become a member of their program including Empower Network, SFI, Traffic Authority, Traffic Monsoon, Got Backup and Plug-In Profit Site Domains. Each of these independent programs is governed by their own Refund/Return Policy. Please consult each independent website or service for details of their policies.

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